A hole

Some dogs bury their bones.  Some hide them.  Some dogs are diggers and others aren’t.  You can see which category Ruby falls into.  Of course.

When the ground is covered with snow it is amusing to watch her fling it aside, create little mounds, work off a little energy.  When the snow is gone and the spring ground is wet, it is less amusing.  MUCH less amusing.

I figured someone would have some advice about how to curb this habit so I went to my usual places.  My neighbor with the puppy doesn’t have this problem so she was no help.  The experts suggested creating a “digging area” such as a sandbox.  That didn’t appeal to me because I didn’t want it to be a large litter box for the feral cats.  Somewhere else I read that perhaps she’ll grow out of it…  I think she’s grown into it.  Her holes are larger each time and she can make one in a flash.

Ruby's at it again!