Puppies are really sweet and cuddly and cute until they aren’t.  With the change of seasons came a big change in Ruby.  She developed an attitude and began growling and viciously biting me.  I have an attitude too and I wasn’t going to let this beast win.  I wasn’t afraid but I WAS getting angry at her.  Who did she think she was?  Pretty much everyone said she had to go, that she’d be gone if she bit somebody else.  But I did not want to admit defeat…  To a dog.  A Golden.  Plus, way too much money had been spent on her and it would be fiscally irresponsible to give her up now.  I guess she could be sold (she has papers) but who would actually buy her?

We needed professional help.  So I asked my neighbor with the puppy what she would do.  She said we needed Professional help.  The woman who owns the farm where we attend obedience training said she could help.  She knows Ruby from class and HER dogs don’t bite.  Perfect.  After describing Ruby as “a dominant bitch” she put us on her schedule for a 1 hour session at home.   She was sure she could help.  She was right.  90 minutes after arriving at our house Ruby was a new dog.  The trainer gave valuable advice and explained how to improve on a few things.  It was a miracle. All we needed to do now was implement these suggestions and Ruby would be good to go.  Uh huh.  No getting down on the floor to play with her.  She couldn’t give her paw anymore.  She wasn’t allowed on any furniture.  Everything was designed to show her that she was NOT the boss.  Stay firm with her, be taller than her, stay above her at all times, don’t give her an inch because she’ll take a foot, maybe literally.

Does she look like she still has an attitude?

Ruby in the yard

Ruby's at it again!