Christmas in the fall

Remember how she eats everything?  Rocks, aluminum siding, bees.  In the fall of 2014 the sedum were flowering.  There were 4 plants across the back of the house and they were beautiful.  The bees thought so too.  One flower can attract several bees.  Each plant has many flowers.  By my math, there were a lot of bees.  There were so many buzzing around it was like Christmas for Ruby.   They were there just for her.  She leapt at them and snuck up on them.  She must have actually gotten a couple, but a few stings wasn’t enough to spoil her holiday.  She kept at it.  She’s very diligent.  I tried to warn her.

I keep checking on her and I see she’s finally out in the yard away from the flowers.  She’s on a break.  Thank goodness!  The next thing I know, we’re flying to the vet for an emergency appointment.  They’ll be ready for us when we get there.  She’s unresponsive.  Breathing shallow and fast.   I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t decided if I loved this dog yet (remember the biting?) but I certainly didn’t want this to be the end.  And she appeared to be near death.

As we’re driving, I can see her eyes are beginning to focus a bit.  She’s trying to lift her head.  The nurse met us in the parking lot and we got her on the gurney.  She’s rushed in and attended to immediately.  An hour or so later the vet brings her to an examining room and says she had been in anaphylactic shock.  She’ll need an epi-pen!  She’s never prescribed one before but she’s sure we can get it at our pharmacy.  And, we’re not out of the woods yet.  She’d like to observe her for another hour or two.

I had plenty of time to decide that I must love this dog!  Why else would I have been so upset and scared?  I wanted her to be OK.  When I got home I cut back all the sedum.  This summer I have no flower pots.  I guess I do love her.


Ruby's at it again!