Like a hose

A little later in the fall I walk into the kitchen and there is a puddle next to where Ruby is laying.  What the…?  Did she have an accident?  It doesn’t smell like pee.  Did she knock over her water bowl?  It looks like too much liquid to be that.  I’m stumped.  Where did it come from?

I get some dog towels and clean it up.  As I’m finishing I see that more liquid is appearing.  Magically.  It seems that she is drooling.  Incessantly.  So I get more dog towels.  And I watch it flow out of her like a hose.  I’m not going to be able to keep up with this unless I start to use my good towels!

What am I going to do?  If she drools all night at this rate, I’ll have a small flood in the kitchen.  Can I even wait until the morning to call the vet?  It’s too late to call my neighbor with the puppy so I Google it.  “What causes incessant drooling in dogs?”  Apparently lots of things.  I thought the best answer was that they probably ate something and you should make sure their mouth is clear of any foreign object.  I would need rubber gloves for this.

Now, it is late enough in the fall that nothing is growing in the yard.  Or so I thought.  The vet (yes, another appointment) thought she was eating mushrooms but I insisted that there aren’t any at this time of year.  Just in case I’m wrong, I walk through the yard when we get home.  And there they are.  Stupid mushrooms.

I got new towels for Christmas.


Ruby's at it again!