Tennis anyone?

It’s a snowy day in March and my niece has a tennis match at Dickinson College, my alma mater.  I love to watch her play but it’s a little too far to go and leave Ruby at home.  We’d be gone too long.  Plus, Saturday is the day we spend together if we can.  I’m familiar with the campus and I’m thinking it’s possible to bring her along.  We’d have to stand away from the other spectators but it could work.  And be fun.

College kids love dogs.  And they miss theirs.  So Ruby was very popular.  She was meeting everyone!  The lacrosse players greeted her after their game.  The runners stopped for a bit after their meet.  And she’s good.  She hasn’t barked or bitten anyone.  And we’re able to watch a little tennis too.

As the match is winding down, there must have been an incident in town because the emergency vehicles are approaching.  Their sirens are blaring.  All of a sudden Ruby’s singing with them.  I mean howling like she wants to be heard above them.  As they pass by her head is back and she is showing off her vocals.  I just shrugged my shoulders as ALL the spectators turned around to look at us.  There was no stopping her but she may have stopped the tennis match.



Ruby's at it again!