A beautiful picnic

My neighbors (not my neighbor with the puppy) were having a picnic one beautiful Sunday afternoon in April.  They had relatives visiting and were going to throw some steaks on the grill.  It would be a large group, could they borrow the grill too?  Absolutely.

It was such a beautiful day we had all the windows and screen doors open.  It would be OK to leave Ruby inside, plus she would be directly across the street.  So they rolled the grill onto their driveway and rested it next to theirs.  I went around back to the party.

When Ruby is home alone she is confined to the kitchen.  Otherwise, she can roam freely except for the bedrooms.  She stays off the furniture and is usually either in her crate or under the dining room table.  Those are always the first two places to find her.  I know she can’t live in the kitchen forever and she should start to gain some freedom as she gets older, right?  Maybe today is the day to try to give her a little more space.  After all, the picnic it is right across the street!

And I can check on her.  Periodically.  they were decorative pillows


Ruby's at it again!