Grill brush

After the picnic, when Ruby ate the decorative pillows from the dining room chair, my neighbor returned the grill.  This was great because it was another beautiful evening and I was thawing some chicken for dinner.  Ruby likes to hang out by the grill in case something falls or drips on the driveway.  It’s the only “people food” she gets.

Ruby likes to eat stuff.  I know if she’s by the grill, unattended, nothing can be left outside.  I envision her in the grass chewing a dinner plate or a thermometer! What I didn’t know was that the grill had been cleaned before it was returned and the brush that was used was on the bottom shelf.  Ruby knew it.  And she ate it.

grill brush

The X-rays showed hundred of little needles in her intestines.  Luckily they were all contained and she would eliminate them herself in 24 hours.  To be sure, another X-ray would be a good idea.  So we go back the next night and the new X-ray shows one bristle still inside her.  ONE!

Ruby's at it again!