It’s Memorial Day and my neighbor is having an impromptu picnic.  I should bring Ruby and leave the grill at home.  That seemed backward to me, but, OK.  They said we could tie Ruby to the clothes line and she’ll be out of everybody’s way.

My neighbor’s daughter has started the grill and it’s right off of the deck, not too far from the clothes line.  Ruby is running up and down the line and trying to help with the cooking.  She’s having a ball and behaving herself.

After dinner, we’re all up on the deck loosening our waistbands in preparation for dessert.  Ruby is checking the grill for crumbs and drippings.  The gas is off and it’s cooled down so we let her be.  Somehow she gets her line wrapped around the base of the grill and can’t free herself.  She panics and starts to run away.  The whole thing topples over and parts fly everywhere.  I actually think the grill did a complete roll.  The propane tank sure did.

I see the whole thing happen from up on the deck but I can’t see Ruby.   Now I’M in a panic.  Three or four of us fly off the deck to help and we find Ruby sitting off to the side.  Quiet.  Calm.  Wondering what spooked the grill.

She was lucky!

Ruby's at it again!