We walk EVERY day.  We are out there in the rain, snow, wind, sun, ice or hail.  Ruby loves it.  Every time I go down the hallway to the bedrooms she thinks I’m going for my sneakers.  By 5pm she starts hanging out at the front door if we haven’t walked yet.  She is subtle.

We walk about 2 miles and that seems to be enough for her.  She usually decides the route so sometimes it’s a little more, sometimes a little less.  She walks well on the leash.  “Heeling” is something we work on in obedience class every week.

Occasionally we have “free” time on our walks.  Still on the leash, she is free to walk ahead.  It becomes HER walk so she can sniff stuff, try to eat stuff, poop, whatever.  I watch what she’s doing so she doesn’t eat cigarette butts or bottle caps along the way.  If I spy something that I think she’ll want, a firm “no” is enough and she will pass it up.  Usually.


I guess this bird was too good to pass up.

Ruby's at it again!