First choice

Just looking back…  Ruby was one of 9 puppies.  There were 5 females in her litter.  2 were red and 3 were blonde.  They were all cute and it was hard to pick just one.  My nephew suggested a blonde male to be named Max.  Or a blonde female to be named Maggie.

Having first choice of the litter seems great but I couldn’t decide.  My brother did some research regarding color.  Maybe that would help. He learned that lighter dogs usually have more dander.  I’m actually allergic to most dogs but can survive if I diligently wash my hands after petting them.  Therefore, it made sense to select one of the 2 red puppies.  So I could breathe.

That narrowed it down to 2 but which one of THEM do I take?   Neither one of them was giving me any indication that they wanted me to take them home.  You know how some people just “know” which one they’re supposed to take?  Doesn’t the ONE just come to you?

I didn’t know.  I wanted the best one.  The cutest one.  The calmest one.  The one that would be the easiest to train.  The one that would be healthy.  The sweetest one.  The prettiest one…

I guess I thought too hard about it.


Here she is the next day, after I made my final selection.  Look carefully.  She’s shoving her sisters out of the way for my attention.  I got the bully.  The “dominate bitch”.  The beast.

My brother reminds me that I had first pick of the litter!



Ruby's at it again!