Electric Fence

We have the electric fence.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s an underground wire around the perimeter of the property that serves as an “invisible” fence.  Ruby wears a collar and if she gets too close to the “fence” she gets a small jolt from the collar.  The training taught her to retreat back inside her yard when that happens, not to run away.  She’s known her boundaries for a year and so far she has not crossed them.  Not for bees or squirrels.  She has gotten zapped a few times but has never crossed the line.

Because I feel secure with the electric fence I don’t usually go out with her. I open the back door and she takes herself out.  Often she’ll run out the door barking and fly to her perimeter.  Last night that very thing happened!  There were several deer behind the house in the field and she knew it.  I stepped outside to see what the barking was all about and saw them myself.  She never crossed the line to get them.  She ran along it, back and forth, hoping one of them would come over to her side.  That didn’t happen either.  Thankfully.

I love the electric fence because it keeps Ruby in her yard.  It doesn’t, however, keep anything else out.  We’d need a lot more collars.


Ruby's at it again!