Fourth of July

Yesterday was July 4th.  Fireworks everywhere!   Poor Ruby was home alone and couldn’t watch them.  I’m sure she heard them though.

Most dogs are afraid of them.  And thunder too.  I didn’t want Ruby to be.  I’ve heard horror stories about frightened dogs tearing down shower curtains trying to hide.  Or frantically getting stuck behind the sofa.  Terrible stuff like that.

I decided to be proactive.  I needed to know what to do BEFORE the first thunder storm arrived.   My neighbor with the puppy wasn’t sure what to do either.  So I consulted one of my training manuals.  The first book I looked at said to ignore it!  OMG!  Really???  You don’t have any better advice than that?  I had gotten a lot of support from the book but this just seemed like a lousy idea.  I felt like they didn’t know what to do either but they had to give the reader something.

I didn’t really have a better idea so I figured we’d at least try it.  A lot of the other stuff from this book had worked with Ruby…  So we waited for the first thunder storm.  We had our plan in place.  I’m a little afraid in a storm but I knew I had to be the adult here.

Our first storm came with lots of thunder and lightening.  I was sitting in the living room and Ruby was reclining in her crate in the kitchen.  I was listening and waiting to see what she would do.  Sure enough, she came running into the living room after the first loud boom.  As planned, I ignored the storm and her.  I just kept reading my magazine as if I hadn’t heard a thing.  I didn’t even look at her.  Well, if she didn’t just turn right around and go back into the kitchen.   Alone.  Maybe she hadn’t heard it either?  For the second boom, she didn’t even bother to get out of her crate.  Obviously if I weren’t scared then she wouldn’t be.  It was amazing.  That stupid advice was good advice.

So I wasn’t worried about her being alone last night with all the fireworks.  I’m sure she just slept in her crate the whole time.

Ruby's at it again!