When do dogs stop chewing everything?  My flip flop, the door mat, her Elizabethan collars, plants…?  Ruby is now 19 months old.  Everyone I ask says 2 years of age is the magic number.  I know that when she turns 2 the new number will be 3.  I will probably have a 9 year old dog that still behaves like a puppy.

When I tell my dad that she is a very obedient dog he wonders why I say that if she’s still chewing everything.  It’s because she IS a very obedient dog- sits on command, walks well on the leash, comes when called, etc.  It’s her behavior that isn’t great yet.  She looks like a dog but still behaves like a puppy so it’s getting harder to use the “puppy behavior” as an excuse.  Only 5 more months!


This was today’s little surprise.

That mat was supposed to hide the green cord and keep her from wiping out when she jumps from the 3rd step onto the linoleum floor in the basement.  She’s only allowed to be down there when I am with her but today I was on a business call as she was shredding the mat and I couldn’t excuse myself to stop her.  Wonderful.  I’m sure now she thinks it’s OK to chew carpets.   Only 5 more months.

Ruby's at it again!