Very busy

It’s funny, when Ruby was a puppy I really wanted her to learn to entertain herself for a little bit so that I could get a break.   I couldn’t possibly pet her or rubber her belly all afternoon.  And she wanted that.

I feel a little differently now.  She does entertain herself, sometimes for hours, and it’s very nice.  But then I get a little nervous and I have to go see what she’s doing.  She is always very busy (because I trained her how to entertain herself).  Sometimes she’s chewing the door mat.  Often she’s back at the rock patio “gardening”.  Occasionally she’s sampling the aluminum siding or she spies something in the grass that she wants.  And, as you know, she’s determined so she digs for it.  Sometimes deep.  And if she sees me coming she digs deeper and faster so she is sure to get the job done.

a new hole

I am particularly fond of this habit when it’s rainy and wet:


There is NO refilling theses holes while she’s inside by the way.  First of all, my top soil and potting soil are gone.  Secondly, she reopens the holes immediately after I walk away.  It’s become a little bit of a competition.   I don’t think I’m winning.  Here’s a look at her current projects:

1.  This one is in the middle of the back yard.  She was probably chasing a cricket or something:

hole in grass

2.  This one is at the base of a very old lilac bush:

hole at lilac bush

3.  This one is at the tree out front where the deer congregate to eat the berries:


4.  This last one is right out the back door:


It looks like she may have eaten a little cement along with whatever bug was here.

Current score:  Ruby 4,  Me 0

Ruby's at it again!