Ruby’s brother

My brother and his family have Murphy, Ruby’s brother from an earlier litter.  They have the same parents and therefore, the same genes and potentially the same “issues”.  Without going into the nurture vs. nature debate, Murphy and Ruby are different in many ways.  Murphy is a very well behaved dog and his sweetness is evident the minute you greet him.  Ruby is still working on both of those things.  Granted, she is younger but it’s proving to be a long haul for her.

Murphy loves his family and never bit them.  Ruby, well, you remember her biting.

Murphy even allowed my nephew to dress him up:

poor Murphy

And then again:

that's humiliating

What a good sport.  Murphy obviously doesn’t have any of the “issues” that Ruby has.  He’s a well-adjusted dog.

I wonder if he has an epi-pen?

Ruby's at it again!