It’s not just the deer who love the apples that fall from the tree out back.  applesRuby gathers a few for herself before they come at night and eat them all.

I was throwing all of the apples back into the field so she wouldn’t eat them and, consequently, get diarrhea.  But it seems she just nibbles a bit and then “collects them”.  If SHE’S gonna collect them, why do I need to?  I let her “have” the apples all day and then I toss her whole pile out at night.  Pretty easy.

When she was a puppy and we were at the vet every week I remember telling Ruby she was gonna have to get a job to pay for everything.  I think we found that job…  Collecting apples!  Now if I could just get her to clean up her own poop.


Ruby's at it again!