The car

Ruby hates the car!  I’m sure it’s because the only places she goes are to the vet, to dog class, or to her spa!  Obviously, none of those things are fun for her.  Consequently she never hops right in to go.  Plus, we have a crate in the back of the car for her and that thing makes all kinds of noise!  By now she has gotten used to it banging over bumps (we live in a state where the roads are less than desirable due to the weather and heavy traffic) but she still needs a little coaxing- namely her leash- to get in.

Ruby’s brother, Murphy, loves the car.  My brother tells me he jumps right in every time the back is opened.  He doesn’t want to be left behind!

Murphy goingThat’s how Nicki was.  I remember one time some of my friends and I were having a yard sale.  At the end we were loading the cars with what was left so we could donate the stuff.  I was getting ready to go and we couldn’t find Nicki.  She had jumped into my friend’s mini van and settled right in.  She was going with her.  Wherever.  She didn’t even care.

Ruby's at it again!