With interest

Several years ago I left 2 twenty dollar bills on the counter for my cleaning lady.  The next day, after she cleaned, she called me to say that I had forgotten to leave money for her.  I insisted that I had left it on the counter for her and she insisted that it was not there.

I trusted my cleaning lady but I was also 100% certain that I had left the money for her.  The only thing I could figure was that Nicki (Ruby’s predecessor) had somehow gotten it off the counter and eaten it.  At 2 years old, she was a pretty large dog and I knew she was able to reach things on the counter.  I always tried to push stuff to the back, out of reach.  She must have stretched for it.

Anyway, I followed her around the yard for the next day or so determined to get the $40 back.  With gloves and a bucket ready, I just needed her to poop.  And, like clockwork, she did!  Well, not only did I get the 2 twenties but I also got 2 one dollar bills. ♥

I’ll never know where those 2 ones came from but Nicki gave me the 2 twenties back WITH interest.

I’m not expecting the same return from Ruby!

Ruby's at it again!