Too many apples

So I was wrong about Ruby just collecting the apples and not eating them.  I have cleaned up 3 poops in 3 days because she cannot hold it.  At nearly 2 years old she is completely house broken but when she’s gotta go, she’s gotta go…  And I believe the apples are the culprit.

Ruby has earned her freedom so she has access to both the dining room and the kitchen when she is home alone.  Her crate is in the kitchen and she doesn’t seem to want to give it up yet.  I hardly ever find her in the dining room when I come home even though there is soft, light green carpet in there.  The kitchen has linoleum and is probably cooler.  It would certainly be easier to clean up her mess in there.  But, NO, she poops on the carpet.  3 times.

We’ve probably covered the poop topic at this point.

I think she’s gonna lose her job.


Ruby's at it again!