I have been feeling under the weather for a little while and not paying too much attention to Ruby (or our blog).  I feel badly about that but I am also feeling bad so there isn’t much I can do.

The roles have changed a bit this week and it’s very sweet.  Ruby seems to know I don’t feel well because she hangs at my side and is very attentive.  She hasn’t been allowed on my bed up to this point because I am basically allergic to her!  But I have given her access now because I am spending so much time there.  At night she is not allowed up but nap time is fair game.  And I am napping a lot.  By now she probably thinks it’s her day-bed.  Fortunately she knows her space and is a pretty good sharer!  She sleeps soundly and isn’t constantly scratching and licking so I am sleeping well too with her there.

Right now she is laying at my feet quietly and she is precious.  I was never sure if those words would ever be used in the same sentence with Ruby!  We are making progress.  Even so, I don’t recommend getting sick to bond with your puppy.

So this begs the question:  Do I allow Ruby up on my bed even after I start feeling better?

Ruby's at it again!