My afghan

I’m glad to be back writing about Ruby again and boy do I have great new material!  She spent some time at my neighbors, was in the kennel for a week, and has been home for a few days now.  I think she’s glad to be here and back to her own stuff.  I know I’m glad to have her back.  Sort of…

my afghan!

My aunt made this beautiful afghan for me years ago and I have loved it for its warmth and for it’s sentimental value.  Ruby feels none of that.  One beautiful afternoon I sat outside and bundled up in the afghan.  I left it on my chair when I got up to come inside and Ruby took those few minutes to play with it in the yard.  She was flinging it and dragging it and generally having her way with it.  Fortunately she lost interest and gave it up.  Even more fortunately, I have a dear friend who was able to repair it for me.  It looks as good as new!

Ruby lucked out because if it had been ruined, well, I can’t say exactly how that would have gone for her.

2 thoughts on “My afghan”

  1. So glad to see a new Ruby story! I’m sure her adventures will keep you busy, especially with winter on the way and her nose for exploration! I can’t wait to hear about her romping around in the snow! xo

  2. So happy to hear you’re up and about and complaining! Even if it’s only about your dog’s behavior. Perhaps you could spray the afghan with ‘Dog Off’ or whatever it’s called, which is supposed to keep dogs off your sofa, or bed, etc.

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