Digging, part II

As you know, Ruby loves to be outside.  And to dig.  I wish I knew what made some dogs diggers and others not.  Anybody know?  If I knew I would change Ruby to a non-digger.  Immediately.


This nice new hole happens to be in the EXACT same spot as my beautiful perennial bulbs!  I don’t see any bulbs now so, if her squashing the flowers while they bloomed didn’t destroy them, her eating the bulbs sure did.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if anything comes up next year.   As with most things Ruby, I am not hopeful.

Plus, I think I have an even bigger problem now than the perennials.  You can see she has begun to dig UNDER the cement.  That worries me more than the loss of my perennials.  Will she dig deeper and make a cave for herself?  It’s raining and muddy today, so probably.  Will something else move in there?  Not until they have the cover of darkness and Ruby is inside.  Will that cement section start to crumble rather than just crack?  I’m gonna go with “yes”.  Will I survive another 2 years with her digging?   That’s a resounding “no”.

Anybody know why some dogs are diggers?  Anybody?

Ruby's at it again!