We got hammered on Saturday with the biggest daily snowfall EVER for our area.  31″ of snow plus drifts that covered cars.  I had to dig out the porch steps so Ruby could go outside because the whole back of the house was one huge snowdrift.


Once Ruby got out there she was in heaven.  The snow in the yard was deeper than she is tall so it was pretty amusing to watch her jump through it.  She sorta looked like a fish flopping around.  And, of course once she comes inside, the pawballs of snow are fun to watch her deal with.  They are clumped to her belly, her ears, and her paws- and she doesn’t like them.  She must forget about them quickly because she wants to go right back outside once she’s rid herself of them.  I think she’d stay out there all night if I let her.

Ruby's at it again!