Snow boundaries

You all know we got 30+ inches of snow that is now almost melted.  Thankfully.  I like snow but it was wreaking havoc on Ruby’s invisible fence “boundaries”.  She couldn’t find the markers that indicate where her line is and she wasn’t getting zapped when she crossed it.  There was too much snow.

I didn’t know any of this until she wasn’t in the yard a few days after the storm.  Calling for her, she came running across the field behind the house (outside her boundaries).  I couldn’t believe it!  Looking at the tracks in the snow, it was evident that she had been visiting several of her neighbors!  She was very carefree about it, too, I might add.  Sneaking out just like like a teenager!

Now what?  I had to stop this before she found the road that was back there.   Putting her training flags back up wouldn’t work because the snow was too deep.  Plus, they’re white so she wouldn’t see them anyway!  My brother, Murphy’s dad, suggested I shovel the yard so the signal would transmit through the deep snow.  I hadn’t even finished shoveling my driveway so it was hard to justify shoveling the yard!  And, that would be a huge task with the amount of snow that had drifted.  I loved that I had been able to just open the door and let Ruby out knowing she would stay in the yard.  Not anymore.  Now I would have to go outside with her until a new plan was devised.  Did I mention we got over two feet of snow?

What about those reflector things that could be driven into the frozen ground and stick out above the snow?  I thought Ruby would be able to see them day or night.  They wouldn’t zap her but they could act as her boundary “markers” and she could get a firm NO when she gets too close.  Had to be outside with her anyway!   I thought it was worth trying.

It’s amazing how, just when I think I am 1 step ahead of her, I learn that she is actually 2 steps ahead of me!  But then I gain the edge again.  Until the next thing…



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Ruby's at it again!