New bed

Ruby got a new bed over the weekend.  It’s like a small lounger, similar to what we sunbathe on.  It’s a metal frame with mesh and it curves up at each end.  It’s about 3 or 4 feet long and it’s raised off the floor about a foot.  It’s magnificent.  I knew she would love it because she lays with me on mine when I’m trying to read outside.  I put one of her towels on it so it would smell good and I put it in “her”spot with all of her toys.

Without getting on it she stretched to reach EVERY toy and put them back on the floor!  I tried to coax her onto it but she would only put one paw up.  I even sat on it and tried to get her onto my lap- something she loves.  Not happening.  I figure we just need more time to get acclimated to it.

Meanwhile I got several of my Oriental carpets out of the basement and laid them back down.  I had put them away shortly after Ruby arrived but I was feeling like they could come back out.  She immediately laid down on one of those!

I wonder what would happen if I put a carpet on her lounger?

Ruby's at it again!