As you know, I put all of my Oriental rugs away when Ruby was a puppy because she liked the fringe a little too much.  Recently I pulled a couple of them out and crossed my fingers!  I had to put one of them away again.  Of course.  She nibbled a little on the edge and destroyed the matting I had underneath.  Maybe next year.

At the same time, as I was hoping the house was coming back to “normal”, I thought it might be time to take her crate down.  It’s in the kitchen and I’d love to have that space back!  She has a new bed and she never goes in the crate anymore.  It’s basically become her toy box.  So yesterday I was going through the stuff on top of it and trying to find homes for the junk that has accumulated there over the last 2 years.  I was just about finished straightening up the last few things and this is what I find:

my crate

Darn it!  It was like she had read my mind and knew it was coming down and she was staking claim to HER space.  Or she was trying it for one last time.  Or she just wanted to piss me off after I did all that work- she literally waited until I was done to go in there.  Or she was telling me she still wants her space.  Or she was giving the finger to her new bed.  So many possibilities…


Ruby's at it again!