My cleaning lady

So this day was particularly rewarding…


I had laid a small Oriental carpet in the kitchen a few weeks ago that Ruby totally ignored.  She didn’t chew it, poop on it, or even sniff it- as far as I could tell. Therefore, I figured it was safe to lay the one above in the dinning room.  So I did. Yesterday my cleaning lady came and commented about the rug being back in place.  I had to admit to her that Ruby had already chewed it AND pooped on it (as you know, Ruby has a touchy digestive system and we have battled diarrhea from time to time).  Anyway, my cleaning lady asked me if I was surprised by Ruby’s actions!  At first, I was a little taken aback by the question.  But then I remembered she’s my cleaning lady and pretty much knows all of Ruby’s antics. I had to admit that I was a little surprised that Ruby had chewed the carpet ONLY because she had left the one in the kitchen alone.   I am never surprised anymore when she poops on the carpet and I feel bad for her because it is the one thing that she seems truly ashamed about.  Not ashamed enough to clean it up though.

Ruby is now trapped in the kitchen when I am not home.  There is linoleum in there and a carpet she hates.

Ruby's at it again!