Ruby Dooby Doo

I think Ruby is the best, not unlike every other dog owner.  She is sweet and loving even if it’s a little too much for some.  I have spoiled her with kisses, water toys, and special names such as Precious, Little Lovey-Tu-Tu, or Pootyliscious  (by the way, she answers to all of them).  I did this purposefully because Nicki was so independent that she barely tolerated petting.  I learned recently that others have a different name for her- The Rubinator!  I’m horrified.  No one wants their Honey Bunny Boo Boo Boo  to be nicknamed The Rubinator.  Do they?  Ruby Love Button can’t help it that she gets sooo excited to greet people that she overpowers them a little.  She can’t help it that she’s touching you ALL the time- like velcro.   It’s natural for Spiffy to want you to rub her belly and she makes it easy for you.  What’s wrong with that?


Even Dr Flynn calls her Girlie Girl or Girlfriend!  The Rubinator, really?


Ruby's at it again!