A spa day

Ruby needed to go for a spa day but her appointment had gotten canceled.  She was starting to smell a little like “dog” but luckily there was an opening yesterday at 10 am.  That would be perfect since I could sleep in and not miss the Labor Day picnic later in the day.  She got dropped off and her friend (the groomer) said he would need about 2 1/2 hours.  He’d call when she was done.

She got picked up at 12:30 and she looked fabulous:  nails ground shorter, a shampoo with some perfume, a perfect trim with all the knots removed, and a nice shiny coat!  She even looked a little thinner!  It was worth the $52.  AND they hadn’t shaved her whiskers even though that’s supposedly standard grooming for Goldens (?).  That was what I was told the first time it happened with Nicki and I was horrified.  She didn’t even look like herself so I asked them to put a note in our file so they would never do it again.

Anyway, we’re home about 30 minutes and she’s rolling around in the yard trying to undo all the work I had just paid for.  Once she’s satisfied, she scratched to come in and her new odor hit me like a garbage truck.  She had rolled in poop and it was all over her collar, her neck, her ear, her everything.  I try hard to be good at picking it up but she keeps leaving new ones, often right after I put the shovel away.

I guess she didn’t like the perfume and wanted to smell a little more like “dog” again.  I did not want that so she got her second bath of the day- this time at home.  And for free.

second bath of the day
second bath of the day


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Ruby's at it again!