Today is Ruby’s third birthday!  In celebration of it, her crate came down and she got a new raised food and water bowl.  She’s afraid of it!  Why not?  She was afraid of her lounger/bed when she first got that too but she has learned to love it.  I think she’ll grow to use this if she gets hungry enough.

But today, there will be no cake because of her sensitive digestive system.  There will be no candles because she has the daintiness of a bull in a china shop.  There will be no friends at her party because she’s a “dominant bitch“.  Instead there will be digging, chewing, eating rocks and aluminum siding.  She may throw in an apple or mushroom for good measure because it IS her birthday.  There may be singing and a nice long walk, but there won’t be any bees– not at this time of the year.

Other than the new food bowl it seems today will be like every other day.  Only she’s no longer 2.  What’s my excuse now?




Ruby's at it again!