Here’s how it went


As you remember, Ruby “fluffed” her bed several days ago.  I tried to salvage it and she seemed to be OK with that.  Look how comfortable she is, sleeping like a lady with her paws crossed!  At the time, I decided she just needed to get the cushion to the right firmness so, I overlooked it.  But yesterday…


I came home to this little beauty!   She annihilated it and now I refuse to give the bed back to her.  The whole thing is going out in the trash and, as I’m collecting the scraps, I’m telling her that it won’t be replaced, she did it to herself.  It’s nobody’s fault but her own.  I’m muttering away and she’s looking at me, wagging her tail, and generally pleased with the attention I’m giving her.  She has no shame.   No remorse.  In fact, I’m quite certain she’d do it again.


So here’s her bed now.  She doesn’t seem to miss the cushion.  Me neither.

Ruby's at it again!