Ehrlich was here last Monday for their scheduled visit.  100 years ago I saw a thousand-legger in the basement and, well, it is worth every penny I pay for the service.  It wasn’t my regular guy so I didn’t know if he liked dogs or not.  Once he said he was fine I let Ruby free and she greeted him like he was her long lost friend.   She didn’t jump up because she knows she doesn’t get greeted if she does.  She was all over his feet trying to get as close as she could.  He was very nice to her and eventually she went and laid down so he could work.  When he came up from the basement the whole greeting ritual started over.  Then again when he came in from the garage.  Of course, now she was very excited because she had three visits in a very short time.  That is truly grounds for her to celebrate and perhaps show off a little bit!

And she did.  We were standing in the kitchen and I was signing the Ehrlich paperwork so he could leave and Ruby comes flying into the room with a little something she had found in my laundry basket!   Seriously, she had dug out a pair of my underwear and was trying to show them to her guest.  I swear they were clean but he didn’t know that!  I can’t remember when I saw anyone laugh so hard.  He was slapping his knee and bending over with a side ache.  I was not doing either of those things.  I was desperately trying to get them from her.  Fortunately she let me have them when I told her they were mine.

Ehrlich comes back for their next service in May.  Hopefully it’s my regular guy.

Ruby's at it again!