Back to the vet

Considering all the visits we had to Dr. Flynn while Ruby was a puppy (anaphylactic shock, mushrooms,  grill brush, spider bite, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea) I just assumed we would never have to go back for anything other than annual wellness visits.  Why would I think that each dog has a certain amount of “issues” and once reached, he or she would be home free?  Well, I don’t think it now!

Two visits this week changed my mind about that.  Fast.  At least this issue wasn’t something she dug up.  Or ate.  In fact, Dr. Flynn isn’t even sure how she got it.  Conjunctivitis.  In her right eye.  Soon to be in her left eye I suppose just to get us a third visit!

I know how contagious it is so I should assume if she doesn’t get it in HER other eye I’ll probably get it in mine.


Ruby's at it again!