Mange, by Ruby


I’ve been to the vet.  My usual doc wasn’t available so I had to see another one.  She was very nice and smelled great- I could barely contain myself!  Mary was concerned because she didn’t like my coat.  Yes, I was shedding but I seemed to be balding in spots.  She said my curls were gone and my color was faded.  Horrors!

Now, I know I was shedding but Mary had not pulled the vacuum out any more than usual.  I would know, I HATE that thing.  So, I figured maybe she was on to something and, I didn’t want to go bald.  She was telling the vet I looked like I had mange even though she knew I didn’t.  What is mange?  Is it bad?  Do I want it?  Do you have it?  I think my neighbor has it because he is shedding on top of his head.  I hope he gets to his vet.

All of my test results have come back negative (which, at first scared me because I thought negative was bad).  I saw myself in the hall mirror last night and I’m looking quite curly.  I didn’t see a patch of skin anywhere.  I’m now getting some delicious pump of something on my food that is supposed to be helping with my coat and joints and other things I don’t really understand.  It tastes good so I’m fine with it.  Mary keeps it in the kitchen near my epi-pen


Ruby's at it again!