About us

This is a true story about Ruby, a pure-bred Golden Retriever.  She came from a breeder that was recommended by my brother.  He owns Murphy, Ruby’s brother from an earlier litter.  They have never met.  Too bad, she could teach him a few things.

Anyway, all of the experiences written here actually happened.  I have not embellished, even a little bit.  Those of you who know Ruby have heard a lot of these stories and can attest to that fact.  Some of you have even lived a few of these experiences with me.  God bless you.

Pray for me.  And Ruby.

I know that Ruby and I are not alone in our journey and I’d love to hear about some of your puppy stories.  Please feel free to reply and leave a comment.  Maybe we could add you as a guest blogger!

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Ruby's at it again!