Mange, by Ruby


I’ve been to the vet.  My usual doc wasn’t available so I had to see another one.  She was very nice and smelled great- I could barely contain myself!  Mary was concerned because she didn’t like my coat.  Yes, I was shedding but I seemed to be balding in spots.  She said my curls were gone and my color was faded.  Horrors!

Now, I know I was shedding but Mary had not pulled the vacuum out any more than usual.  I would know, I HATE that thing.  So, I figured maybe she was on to something and, I didn’t want to go bald.  She was telling the vet I looked like I had mange even though she knew I didn’t.  What is mange?  Is it bad?  Do I want it?  Do you have it?  I think my neighbor has it because he is shedding on top of his head.  I hope he gets to his vet.

All of my test results have come back negative (which, at first scared me because I thought negative was bad).  I saw myself in the hall mirror last night and I’m looking quite curly.  I didn’t see a patch of skin anywhere.  I’m now getting some delicious pump of something on my food that is supposed to be helping with my coat and joints and other things I don’t really understand.  It tastes good so I’m fine with it.  Mary keeps it in the kitchen near my epi-pen



The apples are back and therefore the deer are also.  Dam things aren’t even afraid of Ruby because they’ve learned she doesn’t leave her yard. It might also be that there are six of them and only one of her. They stay just outside her boundary and hiss.  And eat apples. And poop. Every night.

Back to the vet

Considering all the visits we had to Dr. Flynn while Ruby was a puppy (anaphylactic shock, mushrooms,  grill brush, spider bite, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea) I just assumed we would never have to go back for anything other than annual wellness visits.  Why would I think that each dog has a certain amount of “issues” and once reached, he or she would be home free?  Well, I don’t think it now!

Two visits this week changed my mind about that.  Fast.  At least this issue wasn’t something she dug up.  Or ate.  In fact, Dr. Flynn isn’t even sure how she got it.  Conjunctivitis.  In her right eye.  Soon to be in her left eye I suppose just to get us a third visit!

I know how contagious it is so I should assume if she doesn’t get it in HER other eye I’ll probably get it in mine.


Christmas 2017, by Ruby

I got a cool toy for Christmas from my friend Robin but I still like when Mary gives me an empty box.  Just like every 4 year old, I’m more interested in that than what’s inside!

Of course, that’s not true when it comes to chocolate.  I just found a little left over from the holiday and it’s way better than the box.  Mary was mad but I’d eat it again if the opportunity arose.

Does this bed make me look fat?

Happy Birthday!

I came across this quote from M. Acklam: “We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare, and love we can spare.  And in return, dogs give us their all.  It’s the best deal man has ever made.”

Today is Ruby’s birthday and she has definitely given me her “all” these last 4 years.  Not all of it good.  In fact, some of it was awful (remember the biting?).  A little of it was scary (anaphylatic shock?).  Much of it was frustrating (digging?).  At 4, most of that is behind us and she’s become very sweet.  She may live another 4…

Time will tell.

Pepe, by Ruby

“My new friend, Pepe, perfumed me last night and I smelled beautiful.  So beautiful, in fact, that when I came inside, I rubbed some of it into the door mat and dining room carpet.  I was thinking that special gesture might make the smell last a little longer.   You know how certain perfumes smell better on some than others?  I guess Mary didn’t like the smell at all because she made me take it off immediately.  I mean, a bath at midnight?  Was that really necessary?

She used some kind of special concoction of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda.  Now I smell like the medicine cabinet.  And, I think Pepe is pissed at her.  Like, really pissed.

I hope I see him again tonight so I can apologize…”