Happy Birthday!

I came across this quote from M. Acklam: “We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare, and love we can spare.  And in return, dogs give us their all.  It’s the best deal man has ever made.”

Today is Ruby’s birthday and she has definitely given me her “all” these last 4 years.  Not all of it good.  In fact, some of it was awful (remember the biting?).  A little of it was scary (anaphylatic shock?).  Much of it was frustrating (digging?).  At 4, most of that is behind us and she’s become very sweet.  She may live another 4…

Time will tell.

Oliver, by Ruby

This is Oliver.  I think we are cousins (maybe twice removed or something).  Yesterday was his second birthday and I believe he got that bear as a gift from his mama and dadders.  He seems to like it but, at the same time, he appears to be sticking his tongue out at them.  Doesn’t he?  It’s as if he expected something bigger.  Something better!  Perhaps Puppy Paws?

I hope I’m not speaking out of school here, cause, he’s huge!  And cousins or not, I don’t want to be on his bad side.  I’ve never met him and I want to be in good standing when I do.  But, that tongue thing is looking a little like ‘giving the finger’ by someone without fingers.  I hope I’m wrong.  He’s only two and so cute in the picture otherwise.  Maybe he really is happy with that toy and I’m just projecting my desire for Puppy Paws onto him.  Yes, that’s probably it.

Good boy Oliver and Happy Birthday cous!

Beds, by Ruby

Murphy's new bed

What is it with humans and their need to give us a soft warm bed of our own?  AGAIN, we’re dogs.

This is my brother Murphy’s new bed and he obviously hates it!  The door mat seems perfect but now there’s all this fuss about why he’s not using the new bed.  Is it too soft?  Is it too puffy?  Does it smell too new?  OMG, let the old boy lay where he wants (I can say old because I am 4 years younger.  And he is gray).

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  The only bed we’re ever going to love is yours.


French Drain, by Ruby

“My uncle sent this picture of my brother Murphy to Mary.  They were blah, blah, blahing about digging and some drain made in France.  I mean, I’m looking at how gray he is and how fabulous that toy is and how great that hole looks for burying his treasures.”


“Any who, I guess he got in trouble.  IDK, it’s what we do.  I just don’t understand the draaama every time we make a new hole.  Maybe, if there were some ground rules (ha ha, get it?  I crack myself up), we could stop some of the draaama.  Like, only dig in the gardens, not the grass.  Or, never dig in the same place twice so the grass can grow.  Or, never dig in the back yard where the kids play, only dig in the front.   There are enough other rules you expect us to obey, so why not some pertaining to this?  We’re smart.  I am anyway.  I could learn them and then decide for myself if they are worth following.”

“Poor Murph, he looks contrite.  I don’t get that either.  I mean, we dig.  Get over it!”

My brother

Murphy going



 I think they look alike.  They also apparently communicate via Facebook or something because Murphy has started digging.  My brother thinks it’s Ruby’s fault but I don’t know…

Murph hole

I guess he had to fill this hole in three times and Murphy is officially on the naughty list.  But, Murphy hangs his head when called on it and won’t make eye contact, as if he’s ashamed.  As if he knows.  Ruby doesn’t know.  She’ll dig that hole  a fourth time while you watch!


Murphy’s sad face

Sad Murphy

According to my brother, this is Murphy’s sad face.  He is Ruby’s older brother and I can’t believe he has anything to be sad about.  He’s got kids to play with, a nice yard, and he’s done with training classes.  It’s more likely his I LOVE MY MASTER face and I’ll let him do anything to me because I’m such a good pet.

wall sitter

Maybe this is Ruby’s sad face.  I’m not really sure.  It’s probably her FEED ME face.

The car

Ruby hates the car!  I’m sure it’s because the only places she goes are to the vet, to dog class, or to her spa!  Obviously, none of those things are fun for her.  Consequently she never hops right in to go.  Plus, we have a crate in the back of the car for her and that thing makes all kinds of noise!  By now she has gotten used to it banging over bumps (we live in a state where the roads are less than desirable due to the weather and heavy traffic) but she still needs a little coaxing- namely her leash- to get in.

Ruby’s brother, Murphy, loves the car.  My brother tells me he jumps right in every time the back is opened.  He doesn’t want to be left behind!

Murphy goingThat’s how Nicki was.  I remember one time some of my friends and I were having a yard sale.  At the end we were loading the cars with what was left so we could donate the stuff.  I was getting ready to go and we couldn’t find Nicki.  She had jumped into my friend’s mini van and settled right in.  She was going with her.  Wherever.  She didn’t even care.

Ruby’s brother

My brother and his family have Murphy, Ruby’s brother from an earlier litter.  They have the same parents and therefore, the same genes and potentially the same “issues”.  Without going into the nurture vs. nature debate, Murphy and Ruby are different in many ways.  Murphy is a very well behaved dog and his sweetness is evident the minute you greet him.  Ruby is still working on both of those things.  Granted, she is younger but it’s proving to be a long haul for her.

Murphy loves his family and never bit them.  Ruby, well, you remember her biting.

Murphy even allowed my nephew to dress him up:

poor Murphy

And then again:

that's humiliating

What a good sport.  Murphy obviously doesn’t have any of the “issues” that Ruby has.  He’s a well-adjusted dog.

I wonder if he has an epi-pen?

Flip flops


There was this story recently about a dog (not Ruby) who ate something like 60 hairbands, 8 pairs of undies and a bandage.  My brother (Murphy’s dad) texted me after he read it and suggested that Ruby “needs to up her game”.  Literally 10 minutes after I read his text I had to take my Phillies flip flop away from her.  Now I’m afraid she can read and it’s GAME ON.

Phillies flip flop

I guess she reads the stats too because she obviously knows how their season is going.