Here’s how it went


As you remember, Ruby “fluffed” her bed several days ago.  I tried to salvage it and she seemed to be OK with that.  Look how comfortable she is, sleeping like a lady with her paws crossed!  At the time, I decided she just needed to get the cushion to the right firmness so, I overlooked it.  But yesterday…


I came home to this little beauty!   She annihilated it and now I refuse to give the bed back to her.  The whole thing is going out in the trash and, as I’m collecting the scraps, I’m telling her that it won’t be replaced, she did it to herself.  It’s nobody’s fault but her own.  I’m muttering away and she’s looking at me, wagging her tail, and generally pleased with the attention I’m giving her.  She has no shame.   No remorse.  In fact, I’m quite certain she’d do it again.


So here’s her bed now.  She doesn’t seem to miss the cushion.  Me neither.

A spa day

Ruby needed to go for a spa day but her appointment had gotten canceled.  She was starting to smell a little like “dog” but luckily there was an opening yesterday at 10 am.  That would be perfect since I could sleep in and not miss the Labor Day picnic later in the day.  She got dropped off and her friend (the groomer) said he would need about 2 1/2 hours.  He’d call when she was done.

She got picked up at 12:30 and she looked fabulous:  nails ground shorter, a shampoo with some perfume, a perfect trim with all the knots removed, and a nice shiny coat!  She even looked a little thinner!  It was worth the $52.  AND they hadn’t shaved her whiskers even though that’s supposedly standard grooming for Goldens (?).  That was what I was told the first time it happened with Nicki and I was horrified.  She didn’t even look like herself so I asked them to put a note in our file so they would never do it again.

Anyway, we’re home about 30 minutes and she’s rolling around in the yard trying to undo all the work I had just paid for.  Once she’s satisfied, she scratched to come in and her new odor hit me like a garbage truck.  She had rolled in poop and it was all over her collar, her neck, her ear, her everything.  I try hard to be good at picking it up but she keeps leaving new ones, often right after I put the shovel away.

I guess she didn’t like the perfume and wanted to smell a little more like “dog” again.  I did not want that so she got her second bath of the day- this time at home.  And for free.

second bath of the day
second bath of the day




So, this was NOT National Dog Day and I see she’s still acting like a princess.  At least she looks a little like she knows she got caught…

Or is that her “make me get off if you don’t like it” look.  Yea, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Next year we are not recognizing National Dog Day.

Ruby Dooby Doo

I think Ruby is the best, not unlike every other dog owner.  She is sweet and loving even if it’s a little too much for some.  I have spoiled her with kisses, water toys, and special names such as Precious, Little Lovey-Tu-Tu, or Pootyliscious  (by the way, she answers to all of them).  I did this purposefully because Nicki was so independent that she barely tolerated petting.  I learned recently that others have a different name for her- The Rubinator!  I’m horrified.  No one wants their Honey Bunny Boo Boo Boo  to be nicknamed The Rubinator.  Do they?  Ruby Love Button can’t help it that she gets sooo excited to greet people that she overpowers them a little.  She can’t help it that she’s touching you ALL the time- like velcro.   It’s natural for Spiffy to want you to rub her belly and she makes it easy for you.  What’s wrong with that?


Even Dr Flynn calls her Girlie Girl or Girlfriend!  The Rubinator, really?



As you know, Ruby has taken a new-found liking to her crate– just as I was thinking of taking it down.  She’s also not only lounging in it by day but she’s enjoying it in other ways.


I don’t know.  It’s her new thing.  Rather than going inside it, now she hides behind the open door.

She looks like a prisoner but she’s definitely not punishing herself since she has no shame.  No guilt.  No need for punishment.  Just a nice spot to relax.

I wonder how she’d look in stripes?