Not getting a new bed- ever

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the basement doing some redecorating after having it waterproofed in the spring.  Ruby can’t be down there with me because, well, if you’ve read any of these posts, you know why.  Anyway, I guess she’s feeling a little left out and bored spending so much time alone.

bad bad bed

And she had to take it out on something.  I’m just glad it wasn’t my sofa or dining room chair or another tablecloth!


Today is Ruby’s third birthday!  In celebration of it, her crate came down and she got a new raised food and water bowl.  She’s afraid of it!  Why not?  She was afraid of her lounger/bed when she first got that too but she has learned to love it.  I think she’ll grow to use this if she gets hungry enough.

But today, there will be no cake because of her sensitive digestive system.  There will be no candles because she has the daintiness of a bull in a china shop.  There will be no friends at her party because she’s a “dominant bitch“.  Instead there will be digging, chewing, eating rocks and aluminum siding.  She may throw in an apple or mushroom for good measure because it IS her birthday.  There may be singing and a nice long walk, but there won’t be any bees– not at this time of the year.

Other than the new food bowl it seems today will be like every other day.  Only she’s no longer 2.  What’s my excuse now?




My recovery without Ruby

As I try to recover Ruby has been tended to by my friends and neighbors.  She has gotten her daily walks and yesterday they took her for her “spa” day.  She looks beautiful and smells good too!  She is spending most of her days across the street and she seems to really like it there!  I am so grateful that she has a safe place to be and that I don’t have to worry about her.

I hope she will want to return home but right now I am not up to the task of taking care of her.  She seems to know that and, when she visits, she isn’t too demanding of my attention.  She seems a little curious but then moves on…

I can see her settling in and I am pleased.

Thank you ALL for your help and support with Ruby.  We could not afford backward steps because she is almost 1 month shy of 2 years old– our magic number for “the best dog ever” status.

We just might make it♥


I have been feeling under the weather for a little while and not paying too much attention to Ruby (or our blog).  I feel badly about that but I am also feeling bad so there isn’t much I can do.

The roles have changed a bit this week and it’s very sweet.  Ruby seems to know I don’t feel well because she hangs at my side and is very attentive.  She hasn’t been allowed on my bed up to this point because I am basically allergic to her!  But I have given her access now because I am spending so much time there.  At night she is not allowed up but nap time is fair game.  And I am napping a lot.  By now she probably thinks it’s her day-bed.  Fortunately she knows her space and is a pretty good sharer!  She sleeps soundly and isn’t constantly scratching and licking so I am sleeping well too with her there.

Right now she is laying at my feet quietly and she is precious.  I was never sure if those words would ever be used in the same sentence with Ruby!  We are making progress.  Even so, I don’t recommend getting sick to bond with your puppy.

So this begs the question:  Do I allow Ruby up on my bed even after I start feeling better?

Too many apples

So I was wrong about Ruby just collecting the apples and not eating them.  I have cleaned up 3 poops in 3 days because she cannot hold it.  At nearly 2 years old she is completely house broken but when she’s gotta go, she’s gotta go…  And I believe the apples are the culprit.

Ruby has earned her freedom so she has access to both the dining room and the kitchen when she is home alone.  Her crate is in the kitchen and she doesn’t seem to want to give it up yet.  I hardly ever find her in the dining room when I come home even though there is soft, light green carpet in there.  The kitchen has linoleum and is probably cooler.  It would certainly be easier to clean up her mess in there.  But, NO, she poops on the carpet.  3 times.

We’ve probably covered the poop topic at this point.

I think she’s gonna lose her job.


Target weight

Ruby has officially ended her diet as she has reached her target weight.  Yea!  This does not mean that she isn’t still hungry all the time.  She eats breakfast at 6am and dinner at 6pm and I think she has an internal clock like the rest of us.  She starts hanging out by her food can for dinner around 5:45ish.  Sometimes I have to tell her it isn’t time yet!


The can on the right holds her dog food and this is her telling me she thinks it’s time for dinner!  She thinks, if she’s good and asks politely, I might feed her on her schedule.