Whiskers like nothing you’ve ever seen



She has these amazing whiskers.  As you can see in her vanity shot they are long and there are lots of them.  What you can’t see are the whiskers around her eyebrows.  They are curly.  So curly that they dip into her eyes.  At one of our vet appointments the nurse even commented on them.  He said something like, “those are some pretty crazy whiskers you got there.”  They seemed more appropriate for an elderly dog.  You know how hair grows wild in places it shouldn’t as we get older?  She is affected with that condition at an early age.

Ruby in the snow



The sweetest thing


She is the sweetest thing when she’s sleeping.  Because then she’s not eating something she shouldn’t!  As the snow is melting Ruby is finding ALL sorts of things in the yard to sample.  The rock patio is within her reach if she stretches all the way to the end of her line.  So she does.  These are river rocks about the size of a flattened golf ball.  She chews them but, luckily, doesn’t actually eat them.  There are pieces all over the yard.

She also thought the aluminum siding might be good.  Outside there was this weird noise that needed investigating.  And on the porch she’s pulling the corner of the siding away from the house.  After a closer look I see she has already chewed some of it off.  It’s missing!  Not in the grass with the river rocks!


The best dog ever

So my brother has a Golden and he is “the best dog ever”.  I wanted one of those.  Ruby has yet to prove herself.

She is, however, full of surprises.  Some good, some not so good.  She survived the spider bite and recovered fully.  Sort of.  I mean, we didn’t go back to the vet as a follow up to that but for a whole new “issue”.   Diarrhea.  And lots of it.  And often.  Remember it’s the second coldest winter on record?  And she’s not completely house broken yet.  And you don’t just let a puppy wander around outside alone at night.  5 or 6 times a night.  In the dead of winter.  Outside with her.

Fortunately there are lots of different foods you can try to help with the diarrhea.  Mostly prescription.  All expensive.  We tried weight control food, pumpkin, gluten free food, probiotics, limited ingredient food, blah, blah, blah…  Nothing helped except another antibiotic.  Maybe this was puppy colitis.  There’s a pill and a special diet for that.  Maybe she’s nervous (?).  I know there’s a pill for me for that.  And none of it was covered by her AKC pet insurance.  Really?  At 3 months old can this be a pre-existing condition?

Meanwhile she’s still eating everything and pooping.  A lot.


The early days

Picked a red one.  Ruby’s her name.  Got her at Christmas, 2013.   She’s beautiful and soft with very sharp teeth.  And she has to poop or pee all the time.  So 5 or 6 times during the night she has to go outside.  In the dead of winter.  Every night.  5 or 6 times.

And she has to go to the vet every 3 or 4 weeks for all those puppy shots.  In the dead of winter.  Did you know that the winter of 2013/2014 had the second most snow on record in our area?  But the shots are important so we do it.  And we watch for swelling and other reactions to the shots as the vet suggested.  Don’t you know, on Superbowl Sunday after the game, her nose is swollen and you can’t touch it.  It’s 11pm on Sunday night and we don’t know what to do.  I’m not a vet.  So we do the next best thing and call our neighbor.  She has a puppy too. She’s not a vet either.  But together we decide it’s not urgent so we wait till the morning.  What’s another sleepless night?

It’s a spider bite!  And she’s allergic to them.  She obviously thought she could eat it.  She eats everything else.  She even tried to bite the syringe the vet was using to administer the antibiotic.  The Dr. said that was a first.  The first of many as it turns out…