Christmas 2017, by Ruby

I got a cool toy for Christmas from my friend Robin but I still like when Mary gives me an empty box.  Just like every 4 year old, I’m more interested in that than what’s inside!

Of course, that’s not true when it comes to chocolate.  I just found a little left over from the holiday and it’s way better than the box.  Mary was mad but I’d eat it again if the opportunity arose.

Does this bed make me look fat?


Ehrlich was here last Monday for their scheduled visit.  100 years ago I saw a thousand-legger in the basement and, well, it is worth every penny I pay for the service.  It wasn’t my regular guy so I didn’t know if he liked dogs or not.  Once he said he was fine I let Ruby free and she greeted him like he was her long lost friend.   She didn’t jump up because she knows she doesn’t get greeted if she does.  She was all over his feet trying to get as close as she could.  He was very nice to her and eventually she went and laid down so he could work.  When he came up from the basement the whole greeting ritual started over.  Then again when he came in from the garage.  Of course, now she was very excited because she had three visits in a very short time.  That is truly grounds for her to celebrate and perhaps show off a little bit!

And she did.  We were standing in the kitchen and I was signing the Ehrlich paperwork so he could leave and Ruby comes flying into the room with a little something she had found in my laundry basket!   Seriously, she had dug out a pair of my underwear and was trying to show them to her guest.  I swear they were clean but he didn’t know that!  I can’t remember when I saw anyone laugh so hard.  He was slapping his knee and bending over with a side ache.  I was not doing either of those things.  I was desperately trying to get them from her.  Fortunately she let me have them when I told her they were mine.

Ehrlich comes back for their next service in May.  Hopefully it’s my regular guy.

Here’s how it went


As you remember, Ruby “fluffed” her bed several days ago.  I tried to salvage it and she seemed to be OK with that.  Look how comfortable she is, sleeping like a lady with her paws crossed!  At the time, I decided she just needed to get the cushion to the right firmness so, I overlooked it.  But yesterday…


I came home to this little beauty!   She annihilated it and now I refuse to give the bed back to her.  The whole thing is going out in the trash and, as I’m collecting the scraps, I’m telling her that it won’t be replaced, she did it to herself.  It’s nobody’s fault but her own.  I’m muttering away and she’s looking at me, wagging her tail, and generally pleased with the attention I’m giving her.  She has no shame.   No remorse.  In fact, I’m quite certain she’d do it again.


So here’s her bed now.  She doesn’t seem to miss the cushion.  Me neither.

Not getting a new bed- ever

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the basement doing some redecorating after having it waterproofed in the spring.  Ruby can’t be down there with me because, well, if you’ve read any of these posts, you know why.  Anyway, I guess she’s feeling a little left out and bored spending so much time alone.

bad bad bed

And she had to take it out on something.  I’m just glad it wasn’t my sofa or dining room chair or another tablecloth!

My cleaning lady

So this day was particularly rewarding…


I had laid a small Oriental carpet in the kitchen a few weeks ago that Ruby totally ignored.  She didn’t chew it, poop on it, or even sniff it- as far as I could tell. Therefore, I figured it was safe to lay the one above in the dinning room.  So I did. Yesterday my cleaning lady came and commented about the rug being back in place.  I had to admit to her that Ruby had already chewed it AND pooped on it (as you know, Ruby has a touchy digestive system and we have battled diarrhea from time to time).  Anyway, my cleaning lady asked me if I was surprised by Ruby’s actions!  At first, I was a little taken aback by the question.  But then I remembered she’s my cleaning lady and pretty much knows all of Ruby’s antics. I had to admit that I was a little surprised that Ruby had chewed the carpet ONLY because she had left the one in the kitchen alone.   I am never surprised anymore when she poops on the carpet and I feel bad for her because it is the one thing that she seems truly ashamed about.  Not ashamed enough to clean it up though.

Ruby is now trapped in the kitchen when I am not home.  There is linoleum in there and a carpet she hates.


As you know, I put all of my Oriental rugs away when Ruby was a puppy because she liked the fringe a little too much.  Recently I pulled a couple of them out and crossed my fingers!  I had to put one of them away again.  Of course.  She nibbled a little on the edge and destroyed the matting I had underneath.  Maybe next year.

At the same time, as I was hoping the house was coming back to “normal”, I thought it might be time to take her crate down.  It’s in the kitchen and I’d love to have that space back!  She has a new bed and she never goes in the crate anymore.  It’s basically become her toy box.  So yesterday I was going through the stuff on top of it and trying to find homes for the junk that has accumulated there over the last 2 years.  I was just about finished straightening up the last few things and this is what I find:

my crate

Darn it!  It was like she had read my mind and knew it was coming down and she was staking claim to HER space.  Or she was trying it for one last time.  Or she just wanted to piss me off after I did all that work- she literally waited until I was done to go in there.  Or she was telling me she still wants her space.  Or she was giving the finger to her new bed.  So many possibilities…


New bed

Ruby got a new bed over the weekend.  It’s like a small lounger, similar to what we sunbathe on.  It’s a metal frame with mesh and it curves up at each end.  It’s about 3 or 4 feet long and it’s raised off the floor about a foot.  It’s magnificent.  I knew she would love it because she lays with me on mine when I’m trying to read outside.  I put one of her towels on it so it would smell good and I put it in “her”spot with all of her toys.

Without getting on it she stretched to reach EVERY toy and put them back on the floor!  I tried to coax her onto it but she would only put one paw up.  I even sat on it and tried to get her onto my lap- something she loves.  Not happening.  I figure we just need more time to get acclimated to it.

Meanwhile I got several of my Oriental carpets out of the basement and laid them back down.  I had put them away shortly after Ruby arrived but I was feeling like they could come back out.  She immediately laid down on one of those!

I wonder what would happen if I put a carpet on her lounger?