Target weight

Ruby has officially ended her diet as she has reached her target weight.  Yea!  This does not mean that she isn’t still hungry all the time.  She eats breakfast at 6am and dinner at 6pm and I think she has an internal clock like the rest of us.  She starts hanging out by her food can for dinner around 5:45ish.  Sometimes I have to tell her it isn’t time yet!


The can on the right holds her dog food and this is her telling me she thinks it’s time for dinner!  She thinks, if she’s good and asks politely, I might feed her on her schedule.

The best dog ever

So my brother has a Golden and he is “the best dog ever”.  I wanted one of those.  Ruby has yet to prove herself.

She is, however, full of surprises.  Some good, some not so good.  She survived the spider bite and recovered fully.  Sort of.  I mean, we didn’t go back to the vet as a follow up to that but for a whole new “issue”.   Diarrhea.  And lots of it.  And often.  Remember it’s the second coldest winter on record?  And she’s not completely house broken yet.  And you don’t just let a puppy wander around outside alone at night.  5 or 6 times a night.  In the dead of winter.  Outside with her.

Fortunately there are lots of different foods you can try to help with the diarrhea.  Mostly prescription.  All expensive.  We tried weight control food, pumpkin, gluten free food, probiotics, limited ingredient food, blah, blah, blah…  Nothing helped except another antibiotic.  Maybe this was puppy colitis.  There’s a pill and a special diet for that.  Maybe she’s nervous (?).  I know there’s a pill for me for that.  And none of it was covered by her AKC pet insurance.  Really?  At 3 months old can this be a pre-existing condition?

Meanwhile she’s still eating everything and pooping.  A lot.