French Drain, by Ruby

“My uncle sent this picture of my brother Murphy to Mary.  They were blah, blah, blahing about digging and some drain made in France.  I mean, I’m looking at how gray he is and how fabulous that toy is and how great that hole looks for burying his treasures.”


“Any who, I guess he got in trouble.  IDK, it’s what we do.  I just don’t understand the draaama every time we make a new hole.  Maybe, if there were some ground rules (ha ha, get it?  I crack myself up), we could stop some of the draaama.  Like, only dig in the gardens, not the grass.  Or, never dig in the same place twice so the grass can grow.  Or, never dig in the back yard where the kids play, only dig in the front.   There are enough other rules you expect us to obey, so why not some pertaining to this?  We’re smart.  I am anyway.  I could learn them and then decide for myself if they are worth following.”

“Poor Murph, he looks contrite.  I don’t get that either.  I mean, we dig.  Get over it!”

Digging, part II

As you know, Ruby loves to be outside.  And to dig.  I wish I knew what made some dogs diggers and others not.  Anybody know?  If I knew I would change Ruby to a non-digger.  Immediately.


This nice new hole happens to be in the EXACT same spot as my beautiful perennial bulbs!  I don’t see any bulbs now so, if her squashing the flowers while they bloomed didn’t destroy them, her eating the bulbs sure did.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if anything comes up next year.   As with most things Ruby, I am not hopeful.

Plus, I think I have an even bigger problem now than the perennials.  You can see she has begun to dig UNDER the cement.  That worries me more than the loss of my perennials.  Will she dig deeper and make a cave for herself?  It’s raining and muddy today, so probably.  Will something else move in there?  Not until they have the cover of darkness and Ruby is inside.  Will that cement section start to crumble rather than just crack?  I’m gonna go with “yes”.  Will I survive another 2 years with her digging?   That’s a resounding “no”.

Anybody know why some dogs are diggers?  Anybody?

It’s hot

I love the heat.  I love to garden or sit out back and read, even in the heat of the day.  Ruby’s all about the air conditioning but she likes to be where I am, so she comes outside too.  She tries to find shade and it’s so funny how she thinks she’s shaded as long as her face is.  She always finds a good spot:

July 2015


Ruby’s predecessor, Nicki, did the same thing but she liked her whole body shaded:

May 2013

When Nicki was younger she used to crawl under the car on the driveway for her shade: nicki

It would amaze me how she’d lay out there all day.  SHE was “the best dog ever”.  At least that’s how I choose to remember her!

Ruby has big shoes to fill.

I’m hopeful!





Flower pots

flower pots

You know why I’m not planting any flowers this year.  So I figured I’d try some herbs.  Ruby kept un-planting them and I’d find them chewed up and spit out all over the yard.  It was really frustrating because some of them weren’t even in their pot for an hour!  As I’m moving on to plant the next pot she’s undoing the last one.  She’s not even doing it behind my back.

I tried covering the pots.  That didn’t work.  She was able to slide the crates out of her way.  But I am always one step ahead of her (and hopefully one idea smarter).  I gave the crates a little extra weight by placing a metal and glass lantern on top.  She’s afraid of the whole contraption now.  I’m not sure why.  It looks so beautiful.