This little guy was hanging out Friday afternoon just outside Ruby’s electric fence boundary.

fawn in yard

Then Saturday morning I found him here on the rock patio!

fawn on patio

He’s making it hard for Ruby to be outside because now he is in her yard.  At least back under the tree he was outside Ruby’s boundary.  I’ve had to take her out on a leash so she doesn’t find him.  He’s so tiny and wobbly I think she could easily catch him if she got the chance.

My neighbor has one in her yard too!


Puppy food


The last bag of dog food I bought for Ruby was actually puppy food (oops!).  The clerk at Petco was nice enough to put it in my car for me and I never realized I had pointed to the wrong bag when he went to get it from the rack.  Needless to say Ruby packed on a few extra pounds.  They seem to be coming off because she can still fit on a stepping stone- barely.

It’s hot

I love the heat.  I love to garden or sit out back and read, even in the heat of the day.  Ruby’s all about the air conditioning but she likes to be where I am, so she comes outside too.  She tries to find shade and it’s so funny how she thinks she’s shaded as long as her face is.  She always finds a good spot:

July 2015


Ruby’s predecessor, Nicki, did the same thing but she liked her whole body shaded:

May 2013

When Nicki was younger she used to crawl under the car on the driveway for her shade: nicki

It would amaze me how she’d lay out there all day.  SHE was “the best dog ever”.  At least that’s how I choose to remember her!

Ruby has big shoes to fill.

I’m hopeful!





The rock patio

We have a beautiful patio behind the garage that is made of river rocks and stepping stones.  It has some patio furniture and a fire pit and it’s inside Ruby’s boundary.  In the evenings it’s shaded but during the day it gets full sun.  Often I don’t get back there and it’s behind the garage so it’s not in full view.

As you know, Ruby likes the rocks.  In the course of her rock studies she discovered that there is black paper underneath used to keep the weeds away.  She also likes the paper and has made it her mission to remove as much of it as she can.

rock patio

Several days went by and I didn’t notice the “gardening” she was doing.  Now, almost all of the black paper is in the grass.  As well as a few more rocks.

She is a hard worker.


The sweetest thing


She is the sweetest thing when she’s sleeping.  Because then she’s not eating something she shouldn’t!  As the snow is melting Ruby is finding ALL sorts of things in the yard to sample.  The rock patio is within her reach if she stretches all the way to the end of her line.  So she does.  These are river rocks about the size of a flattened golf ball.  She chews them but, luckily, doesn’t actually eat them.  There are pieces all over the yard.

She also thought the aluminum siding might be good.  Outside there was this weird noise that needed investigating.  And on the porch she’s pulling the corner of the siding away from the house.  After a closer look I see she has already chewed some of it off.  It’s missing!  Not in the grass with the river rocks!