My new pool

Instead of running the sprinkler and wasting all that water, this year I got Ruby her own pool.  She loves it and it’s pretty funny to watch her play in it.

She enters cautiously:

Then she gets wet:

She dries off:

And hopes to repeat:

Once I get the pool filled and the hose is off she tries to eat the animals painted on the inside of it.  She scrapes and claws at them and she thinks, if she tries hard enough, she will get them.  If it didn’t make her look so stupid it would be really cute.

Veggie ceviche

While I was making this delicious appetizer this afternoon:


Ruby was making this:

mud hole

You might remember earlier this spring she was trying to get her own pool by digging several large holes in the back yard.  Well, here it is September and there is no pool so, it’s time to plant grass.  I’ve got top soil and seed down and the sprinkler is on.  Ruby is frolicking out there.  Alone.  It’s quiet so I decide to check on her.  She has managed to flip the sprinkler over and create a huge mud hole for herself- right where I’m trying to grow grass.

same spot

So now the new grass is gone, the hole is back and I’ve got a dog covered in mud.  At this point, I don’t care if I’ve got jalapeno juice on my fingers, she’s getting cleaned off.  There will be no battle with the towel.  She will sit nicely while I do it.  She will not get mud on me.  She will play outside quietly while she dries.  She will stay away from the hole until the grass fills in.  She will learn to do her own laundry.

dog towel